Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Ok guys. sorry for the silence
but here is the training plan
no workout today. hooray

training plan for tomorrow
Walk 1 mile
Run 3 minutes every half mile until you reach 3.5 miles.
Walk 0.5 mile.

Monday, August 29, 2011

night of the running dead

so kids, i'm gonna participate in a 5k, my first 5k. and i will ask you to recognize that i said i am going to "participate". i did not say run. running is not something i enjoy, i truly believe that some bodies were made to do it, and some bodies and joints
(i would like to think throughout this training that i can trick my body into doing it. we will see. but i do think that jogging is definitly part of the game plan)
i have spent too much money to let this body just sit
i need to get it moving. so i am going to start doin stuff
is going to be my first attempt
i think it will be fun.
i look forward to the training and the party at the end. and I am no stranger to pushing myself so it will be interesting to see what happens. even if i show up on the october 15 and wheelchair myself across the finish line. i need to start doing things and pushing my body to be healthy, not just recover. i hope people will join me and my efforts to get healthy and to raise money for huntsman cancer 
(i need to raise 200$ so i can race.)
 they are great people.

i will be keeping a running journal of what the workout is for the day and how much it kicked my trash. I have checked out alot of programs out there and
this is the link of the 6 week program
that i think is the best.
todays workout is
Monday 8/29/11:
Walk briskly for 1 mile.
 Run 2 minutes every half mile until you reach 3.5 total miles. Walk 0.5 mile
  please join me guys.
it will be good for us and it will be fun and huntsman cancer is an amazing program to support.
lets do it.